Porcelain Slab for GTA High Traffic Floors

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Porcelain Slab in GTA Homes Stand Up to the Test of Time

When renovating or building a new home, flooring is one of the top considerations. Depending on whether the space is a high traffic area, prone to moisture like in a kitchen, bathroom or basement, or will be installed over a heater, the right type of flooring will make a world of difference. A popular option that has turned heads is Porcelain slab for GTA high traffic floors.

Not to Be Confused with Ceramic

There is often confusion between ceramic and porcelain. Both are part of the larger category of tiles called ceramic, but there are a few differences. Porcelain has a higher water absorption rate than ceramic. Since a porcelain slab is denser and less porous than ceramic, it is more impervious to moisture.
Because of porcelain’s through-body composition, it is considered more durable and better suited for heavy usage than ceramic tile. If ceramic tile is chipped, there might be a different colour underneath the top glaze. If porcelain is chipped, the colour stays the same and the chip is nearly invisible.
The Porcelain Enamel Institute (PEI) rates porcelain to determine its hardness and durability. Porcelain tiles tend to be around 5 (heavy residential and commercial traffic). PEI ratings for ceramic tile can range anywhere from PEI 0 (no foot traffic) up to PEI 5, but with most ratings in the lower end of the scale.

A Favourite for Floors

Porcelain is a man-made product from a hard, white, translucent material that is fired at a low temperature and then glazed at a high temperature. One of porcelain’s most distinguished characteristics is its resistance to moisture. It will also stand up to:
  • Wear
  • Bacteria
  • Odours
  • Staining
Porcelain can be either glazed or unglazed. Unglazed porcelain slab is solid, with consistent colour throughout the slab and will retain its colour even as the surface wears. Unglazed comes in various finishes, from rough to polished. Glazed porcelain has a protective coating on top of the dense tile body, which can be produced in a variety of colours or patterns. The glaze can be of a shiny or matte finish.
Because porcelain is so practical, a porcelain floor makes a lot of sense. Porcelain also offers unmatched design versatility. Tiles can mimic natural stone varieties, such as granite and marble. Designs can draw inspiration from timeless styles to surfaces that suggest a leather feel.
Porcelain is difficult to scratch, resists fire and comes in a variety of shapes, colors and styles. It will stand up to heavy foot traffic and splashed water and will last for years.
Another advantage of porcelain is that it is easy to clean. Wipe up water immediately, sweep or vacuum regularly and damp mop weekly. Avoid abrasives such as steel wool and scouring pads. Unglazed porcelain requires more frequent cleaning.

Porcelain Slab Is a GTA Show Stopper

Originating in China, porcelain has found its use among royalty and is now making a name for itself as a practical element in the home.
Incorporating porcelain slab into a GTA home will give it a grand and luxurious appeal.